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Entry #4


2008-01-17 00:05:24 by EndlessHate

Congrats on the fake loading bar you god damn sell-out.


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2009-04-12 21:55:59

Fucking LoL dumbass I didn't even make the flash I just know that the sponsors design the bar not the flash maker you stupid fuck.
Maybe when you get up in the world you'll learn about actually making MONEY HUH?


2009-04-25 15:48:43

Yeah... still no response what's wrong are you too ashamed of how retarded you are?

EndlessHate responds:

Clever. I only visit newgrounds for the occasional flash movie, I don't need to log in.

You however, are still a sell-out.

OHHHH, I DON'T DESIGN THE LOADING BARRRRR BLAH BLAH BLAH, it's your fault for trying to make money in the first place.